A Few Tips How To Increase Chemistry In Your Relationship

You might believe that chemistry in relationships is pure chance. But that's not the case. The truth might amaze you. Of course it's impossible to create chemistry where none exists, but even if only this one spark is there you can do a lot of things to fan the flames.

So what exactly is chemistry?

 It might be hard for you to understand what chemistry really means if you've never been in love with or had at least strong feelings for another person.When the chemistry is there you happen to be both completely comfortable with each other and you'll feel a very powerful physical attraction for each other. Maybe a scientist will tell you that all this has just something to do with pheromones and appearance, but this is only a small part of it. Most of it is indeed mental. It happens if you and your sweetheart have the same dreams, beliefs and maybe some of the same habits and pet peeves.

First step: Develop a rapport!

It's important to have a good rapport first before you can build up any chemistry. Usually it's too early for a rapport to be there if you have only had one or two dates with your friend so far. So it has to be developed first. A good way to do this is to start a conversation about a topic you are familiar with and that allows you to pique her/his interest. Avoid politics and religion and make sure that your topic is something enjoyable and relaxing. Although you might for example find out that you both like to discuss ways to stop starvation in developing countries, this topic won't really help your partner to associate you with fun and pleasure.

Humor is very helpful!

It is not simply fun to laugh together but it also helps us to feel more comfortable with another person. It's not necessary to be a great comedian. Just showing a sense of humor in your own style may do wonders. To make sure not to upset your date simply keep it neutral and clean.

Your friend: Adrenaline!

There is some research that has shown that couples who met in exciting situations - no matter if they were a pleasure or not - tend to find each other much more attractive compared to couples who met under normal situations. So why is this the case? The explanation of this phenomenon is that our brain associates basically any kind of excitement with the person we are together with at the moment. Our mind mistakes the excitement for actual physical attraction.You can use this to your advantage by arranging a date that will rise the adrenaline level like a rollercoaster ride, a horror movie or maybe whitewater rafting.

Talk to your partner!

Keep in mind that it is simply impossible to have chemistry in human relationships with people who don't know who you really are.That's why it is important that you don't keep all your thoughts and opinions to your yourself because you fear that there is something your sweetheart might not like about you. Open up and start talking about your emotions, thoughts and also about important problems. Sometimes you could make your date fall for you hard just by a single off-hand comment.

Finally: Boost the chemistry!

Sometimes it's suggested to touch your partner on the knee or arm early because that might help to boost the chemistry in your relationship. I recommend you to be cautious with that. The result of getting physical too fast can be that it turns your partner off. A better way is to start talking about the physical things you are fascinated by in the opposite sex. Then you can use the information you gain to make the best out of it.

It seems that chemistry in human relationships is something mysterious. It might be difficult to control. However this does not necessarily mean that it's impossible for you to help it along a bit. Conclusion: Your first step should be to begin with a good rapport. Add a bit of excitement and humor and you should have a great start.